Only four months ago, on September 10th 2020, the first TEDxWassenaar event ‘Find Your Voice’ took place.

More and more I realize how lucky we were to organize this wonderful livestream event, with just a tiny little audience allowed live in the theatre, between two lockdowns!

Last month, on January 10th, I shared with you the TEDtalk of the 4th speaker, my coachee Luk Dewulf, ‘Children in Their Talents, a Basic Right’

Today, still living in times of uncertainty and change due to COVID-19, I would like to share the inspirational TEDtalk of my coachee and fifth speaker Niels van Buren:

Anneke Brouwer Stemprofessional en Sprekerscoach

‘Unleashing Talent at the Workplace’

“My primary message is that we should listen to each individual, find out what his or her talent is and unleash that talent by crafting the workplace around the individual and not the other way around.”

In this TED-talk Niels van Buren will share personal experiences from the past year as a social entrepreneur.

After having listened to this TED-talk you will be inspired to start looking at the talent of people that often don’t fit in and unleash their talent by crafting the workplace around them.
You will be amazed by what can happen.

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My coachee Niels van Buren: Unleashing Talent at the Workplace

13:07 min. watch

Anneke Brouwer Stemprofessional en Sprekerscoach   Anneke Brouwer Stemprofessional en Sprekerscoach    Anneke Brouwer Stemprofessional en Sprekerscoach
Photo’s by 📍Clara Mazèl

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