Only one week ago, on September 10th, the first #TEDxWassenaar event took place.

I am proud to say that, within only one day after the livestream event took place, all the 8 #TEDtalks where approved by and placed on TED’s Youtube channel.

Now everybody in the world has access to the #ideasworthspreading of the 8 TEDxWassenaar 2020 speakers.
And that feels great!

An it feels so great that I have decided to share with you, here on my website,  all the 8 TEDtalks given at TEDxWassenaar ‘Find Your Voice’ event and the bio’s of their speakers, my coachees.

Together we’ve been working on the talks for half a year. Splitted into 2 periods due to the Corona virus. Working with all the speakers at the same time. Searching for the key message, The Core Idea. Crafting the talks. Designing them. Shaping and rehearsing it until it felt for them like a second skin.

It was a wonderful journey during COVID-19 time.
But we did it! And how!

Following the ‘Find Your Voice’ program, I would like to start with the TEDtalk of our first speaker Jitske Kramer:

Anneke Brouwer TEDxWassenaar Organizer and Systemisch Public Speaking Coach      Anneke Brouwer TEDxWassenaar Organizer and Systemisch Public Speaking Coach

Jitske Kramer is a corporate anthropologist who travels the world to learn from traditional healers, leaders, surprising innovators and random passers-by.

Cultural Anthropology is the discipline that wonders what it means to be human among people in organisations and beyond. How do you work with people you like, but more over, how do you work with people you don’t really like.

In 2012 Jitske put Deep Democracy in the Netherlands on the map and offers, together with a team of instructors, many workshops in this field.

Jitske is always looking for ways to build strong tribes and strengthen mutual relationships.
She brings this knowledge to the world of organizing, colaborating and leadership through strong lectures and masterclasses. To improve the power of success and results of individuals and groups (and just to make the world a better place).
She trains people so we no longer have the need for meetings.
She has the ambition to push organisations to be attractive to everything and everyone.
She will take you with her in stories that create space for new ways of observing and acting. Along the way what is familiar becomes strange. What is strange becomes familiar.

TEDtalk of Jitske Kramer at TEDxWassenaar ‘Find Your Voice’ event:

‘Silence, a Forgotten Human Skill’

I am on a quest. As an anthropologist I want to unravel how I, how we, can be human together with the people we love, but also with the ones we don’t like that much… I travel the world, to understand how people shape cultures, and how cultures shape people. To find ways how we can be human together, in a constructive and peaceful way.

In this talk I want to focus on the role and importance of: silence. Sometimes I feel that silence is like a forgotten human skill. Talk rules over listening. Knowing rules over not knowing. Sound rules over silence. But if we leave silence out of our mix of behavior, levels of trust, creativity and energy go down. We need silence just as much as we need sound. It’s the combination that makes the music.

During my travels I learned a lot about different ways to treat silence.

Today I will share with you my most important lessons I learned in India, Togo and the UK. But first, let me tell you about the start of my personal journey to appreciate silence.

Watch here on
Silence, The Forgotten Human Skill
18 min. watch.

Anneke Brouwer TEDxWassenaar Organizer and Systemisch Public Speaking Coach
Photo’s by 📍Clara Mazèl

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