Only one month ago, on September 10th, the first TEDxWassenaar event ‘Find Your Voice’ took place.

I look back on a wonderful event organized in strange times.

On September 16th I shared with you the TEDtalk of our first speaker Jitske Kramer : ‘Silence a forgotten Skill’.

Today, still living in times of uncertainty and change due to COVID-19, I would like to share the TEDtalk of my coachee and second speaker Erikjan Lantink

Erikjan Lantink 'Better Starts with Who'

‘Better starts with Who’

“We live in a world full of disruption and change. A world that makes it easy to be distracted and forget about our dreams. A world where days can go by without hardly noticing.”

In his TED talk, Erikjan takes us on a journey through the desert of change. A desert where it’s easy
to get lost if we don’t pay attention to our own reflections, values and dreams. To make the best of our lives, we need to start with ourselves. #Betterstartswithwho.

So relevant in these strange times!

Whether we want a better life, a better business, a better team, a better boss, better starts with understanding ourselves and what drives us.

Erikjan worked 17 years at Ahold Delhaize in retail operations, HR, and general management roles. He lived and worked in the Netherlands, Czech Republic, Belgium, United States and Bulgaria. Currently Erikjan is self-employed again and enjoys working with leaders and teams, inspiring them to be the best they can be at work, but more importantly, in life.

“Better starts with who” is the foundation of an approach that connects self-awareness, culture, leadership, team, and change.

His TEDx talk will address how Erikjan started with himself and had to find his own voice first.

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My coachee Erikjan Lantink: Better Starts with Who
18 min. watch

 Erikjan Lantink TEDxWassenaar 'Better Starts with Who'  Anneke Brouwer Stemprofessional & Sprekerscoach Public Speaking Coach and Executive Voice Expert  Erikjan Lantink TEDxWassenaar 'Better Starts with Who'
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