This part of the poem reflects my biggest learning for today: “I want to know if you can disappoint another to be true to yourself. If you can bear the accusation of betrayal and not betray your own soul.” It’s part of this beautiful poem ‘The Invitation’ , written by Oriah Mountain Dreamer. Heather read this poem to us today, on the second day of the workshop Holding Space in Camperduin.

What’s it like when you’re not holding space? That was a topic today on the second workshop about Holding Space with Heather Plett. I can say, it was confronting to me. I can really put effort in understanding the other person. And in doing that, I reach out to the other one. You can see that literally in my posture (almost like the posture of the man on the photo, here at Camperduin). We exaggerated this posture in a practise we did in the group. First I laughed about myself, but later I realised: I recognize this way of listening in daily life so well. It makes the space smaller for the person that I try to understand. Holding Space is about opening up that space. Getting with my back against the chair en just be present with all my attention. Just being, not doing. It’s not a completely new insight, but to me it’s good to be aware of it again. And how that can change the quality of the contact. But also: it will cost me less energy if I can just be there instead of doing… As somebody mentioned this morning: ‘life begins at the end of your comfortzone.’ Are you willing to step into that?

Wat hebben stilte’s durven laten vallen door jou als spreker en Holding Space met elkaar gemeen? Vanaf het strand met straffe wind in Camperduin tijdens de 3 daagse workshop Holding Space van Heather Plett

Leg ik je het uit in 3:28 minuten.

Vlog#3:  Holding Space en spreken in het openbaar 

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