Op Woensdag 28 juni 2017 gaf ik tijdens de Presentaties, die de Deelnemers van de Masterclass L&D op Nyenrode die dag moesten geven, ieder Persoonlijk Feedback op de Manier van Overkomen, het Stemgebruik, de Houding en het gebruik van Gebaren. Hoe waardevol is dat!
Ook hield ik zelf een Korte Pitch over het “Waarom” achter het geven van deze Persoonlijke Feedback, waarbij ik de Retoriek van Artistoteles gebruikte als Kapstok.

Wat een super aanvulling was dat!

Hieronder de Pitch die ik gaf.

So Why do I give Personal Feedback on your BusinessCase Presentation?
What’s the Importance?

This is the Famous Greek filosofer Aristotle.
In early Greece Democracy, Persuasive Skills were of Vital Importance.
According to Aristotle, Persuasive Speech consists of 3 elements: Logos, Ethos, Pathos,  the “Rhetorical Triangle”.

Logos means Persuading by the use of Reasoning.
Focus on Facts, Statistics, Sharing Data.
This is the more Boring part of the Presentation.

Pathos means Persuading by appealing to the Audience’s Emotions.
Achieved through Language-Choice and Storytelling.
It affects the Audience’s Emotional Responses.
Positive responses like Excitement and Love,
Negative responses like Hate and Jealousy.

Ethos means Convincing by the Character of the Speaker.
The Identity of the Speaker Reflects in his/her way of Speaking or Being.
Here you can find Authenticity and Confidence!
Goal: To Convince People You are Someone Worth Listening to.
Everytime again you Need to Earn it from the Audience,
You cannot Lean Back on it.

Here is My role as a Voice Coach!

Some Executives and others come to me for General Tips & Tricks.
But it Won’t work!
As a Voice Coach I give Personal Advice, no General Advice
because this Part (the Ethos) is where the Authenticity & Confidence lays.
It depends on You, your Vocal Variety, your Body Language, your Strong Points, your Weak Points:

YOU make the Difference!

General Advice doesn’t Match with Your Persona and will do Harm to your Ethos, your Confidence and at the End your Credibility.
Personal Advice will help you to Increase your Confidence and Authenticity and Credibility,
the “You-part”!

So Balance is The Key. Balance between Logos, Ethos and Pathos.

Aristotle and the Rhetorical Triangle.
His Theory is still being used these days by Famous Speakers and World Leaders.
Boring Speakers use to much Logos.
These days Pathos (Storytelling) is hot.
But Storytelling (Pathos) and Sharing Data/Knowledge (Logos) to persuade isn’t enough.
You have to put Ethos in it for the Authenticity and Confidence, the “You-part”.
Your Vocal Variety, your Body-Language,
that makes you You!

And I even Think that the Most Important, Flexible and Powerful tool to Persuade is your Voice.


See the Impact on the Persona when they take away this Powerful Tool…


So unlock your full potential!


Anneke Brouwer Public Speaking Coach | Executive Voice Expert | TedxInsead Coach
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