April, 14th 2019.

I watch my coachee delivering his TEDxTalk on stage of TEDxAmstelveen.
For years I coach TEDxTalks speakers from all different kind of TEDxevents. 
From TEDxInsead, TEDxIEMadrid to TEDxAmstelveen.
I love the process in creating a great TEDtalk, I love the philosophy behind TED, I love the energy of each TEDxevent I visit to guide my coachees.

Anneke Brouwer

So there I am.
Sitting, watching, listening, enjoying.
Wondering what my next step in my Speakercoaching career will be.
And then all of a sudden at the end of the event I see the curator of TEDxAmstelveen stepping onto the stage.
I listen to her, telling her story about how it all started.
And in a split second I knew… this is my next step.
Creating my own TEDxevent.
That’s what I am going to do!

Goosebumps all over.

And here I am, one year later, busy preparing my first event with my wonderful team. 
I love every little single step in creating TEDxWassenaar.
The journey is wonderful and tough at the same time.
A real challenge to manage everything from the bottom up in less then 6 months.
But it is worth it!

On World Voice Day April 16th 2020 the first TEDxWassenaar ‘Find your Voice’ will take place in the theatre of KunstMuseum The Hague.
Nine speakers will shed their lights on a variety of topics to reflect on finding one’s voice in a world that seems to be getting ever more complex and ambiguous.
A world where we can find ourselves vulnerable, insecure and apprehensive in view of the future.
A world where we need clarity and consistency, being expressive of our needs.

But there is more!

At the event 4 entre-acts will show what the human voice sounds like.
That beautiful, powerful instrument we are all born with.
It’s this human designed instrument we use to persuade, to connect and to seduce often without knowing exactly how.

Join our TEDxWassenaar community in the conversation about this topic that matter and let us help each other to find our voice.
Only then we humans can make a difference; for ourselves, for others, for the world we live in.

I cannot wait until the 16th of April!

Anneke Brouwer Stemprofessional & Sprekerscoach

Anneke Brouwer Public Speaking Coach | Executive Voice Expert | TedxInsead Coach
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