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Speakers & Coaches – TEDxINSEAD 2018 _ A New Tomorrow

Watch: “Authentic Confidence Through Emotional Flexibility, It’s not what you think”

On stage at TedxInsead with my coachee Jacqui Brassey, PhD. “Anxiety always starts in the brain, not with the situation.” “Let’s find our key, build skills and get equipped for the future!” The audience was really impressed about her amazing talk at #TedxInsead ‘A New Tomorrow’ dd 9 june 2018.
Jacqui Brassey, PhD: You did it! Yes! You created a lifelong skill #publicspeaking with #impact! #coaching your #TEDtalk: Loved it!


TEDxINSEAD 2018 “A New Tomorrow” took place on INSEAD Fbl Campus on the 9th of June 2018, smooth organisation and amazing speakers.
Take a look for the speakers and their Coaches at:

Reactions from the audience:
– One of the most inspiring #tedx I have ever been. 12 speakers, incredible ideas challenging the way we see the future. Great job TEDxINSEAD! Giuseppe Lacerenza Giacomo M. Bressa Jacqui Brassey, PhD Jorge Vargas Neto Leslie Johnston
Truly inspired by all the amazing speakers and their thought-provoking messages at today’s TEDxINSEAD. Congrats to Giuseppe Lacerenza and our MBAs for organizing a brilliant event! #INSEAD #tedxinsead #entrepreneurship #INSEADMoments

Reaction from my coachee:
In 2015 I started to tell my story about Confidence in the public eye:) today I did my first TedX talk about advancing Authentic Confidence: “Lets build skills, not Stigmas” – grateful and proud! Thanks for all your help Anneke Brouwer!! #emotionalflexibility #mentalwellbeing #sustainableperformance Nick van Dam PhD Arjen van WitteloostuijnZainab el Hejazi Nick Brassey Giacomo M. Bressa Giuseppe Lacerenza TEDxINSEAD Giulia Botta

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