Net een paar mooie opdrachten afgerond voor Pure Carbon Blue
Mooi bedrijf
Mooie mensen
Mooie missie!

Anna Goedkoop:

My biggest achievement of 2023.

Last year was a journey with lots of new experiences: study at Delft University of Technology, many social events, and working for Pure Carbon Blue.

One of the highlights was organizing and moderating the Capture Kinetics#1 event in September:

An event to meet the collective of Mission 2030 of Pure Carbon Blue;
An event to connect and inspire;
An event with energy and movement to be put in all our business efforts and collective ambition.

Thank you Anneke Brouwer BSc, Marcello Palazzi, Sander van Gemert, and all the others who have contributed to this successful event.

What was your biggest achievement last year?

Marc Goedkoop:

Anna volunteered to organize and moderate our first business event. With the great support of Anneke Brouwer BSc and other business partners she did a wonderful job that made me very proud.

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