Proud! Being Co-Author on the PlayBook ‘Advancing Authentic Confidence Through Emotional Flexibility’!

Being a human leading with a strong voice is so important these days. Especially in the digital revolution storms were we humans live in now. It’s about getting your message across in a clear and convincing way. To gain confidence to speak up so that you as a human become someone worth listening to. To be heard, to be seen. H2H. Finding your true own voice is all about creating more impact and build credibility, about unlocking your full potential. To shape your future.

Therefore I highly recommend in multiple ways the book that just has been released (last week) about ‘Authentic Confidence through Emotional Flexibility’ written by Jacqui Brassey, PhD

I Co-wrote 2 chapters in it about Voice: “Mindful Voice techniques, not only when you present” and Public Speaking: “Effective presentation tips and techniques”.

It’s a practical, evidence-based PlayBook of insights, practices and tools to become Comfortable with Insecurity.

The Tool in Advancing Your True Authentic Confidence!

Take a closer look here and read everything about the book at Pre-announcement of upcoming book: “Authentic Confidence Through Emotional Flexibility”

You can directly order the book here:

Advancing Authentic Confidence Through Emotional FlexibilityAdvancing Authentic Confidence Through Emotional Flexibility

“Whether you manage thousands, dozens, or just yourself, read this book to learn how to create and sustain a workplace where people have no fear of bringing their best selves to work. You may even have a few of those ‘aha’ moments where you realize you’ve been driving with the parking brake on for quite some time.”

Stay tuned for this promising work!

Amy C. Edmondson, Novartis Professor of Leadership and Management; HARVARD BUSINESS SCHOOL. Author of The Fearless Organization: Creating Psychological Safety in the Workplace for Learning, Innovation, and Growth 

The release update from Jacqui at 25 May 2019:

Dear all,

The day is finally here:-) – this week we will launch the first edition, hardcover version of our playbook on ‘Advancing Authentic Confidence’. This has been an amazing journey for us and thank you all once more for your fantastic contribution to this.
Attached we send you a few pages of the book with the cover (front and back), the praise section, and an overview of all contributors:
Few pages of the book Advancing Authenic Confidence Through Emotional Flexibility
We will publish this work via the end of May and later on the softcover version will go live – we will also explore other routes like Amazon etc, however, because all proceeds will go to further research and Save the Children NL, the best route will be to directly buy from
Many thanks again, we hope you can spread the word in your networks as well and help us to create as much positive impact as possible!
Warm regards,
Jacqueline Brassey
Nick van Dam
Arjen van Witteloostuijn

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