Friday, May 26, 2023. My mobile rings. An emergency job. Via via.
And those who know me, I don’t just work with just anyone. I like to keep it exclusive.
Challenge: One week to match the story of a great speaker I hadn’t met before, on stage with who he is.
Super fun assignment. Super nice person. Beautiful intention. So yes! Let’s go!
And then today, exactly 7 days later, on Friday 2 June 2023 it was time to deliver.
At a beautiful location, at the wonderful ‘Walk Your Talk’ event of the wonderful company ‘Great Place To Work’ in the beautiful city of Utrecht.
It was a blast René Brouwers and maybe not always easy these past 7 days but hey you, me, no, We! just succeeded!
You did it! and You, I, no, We! did great!

René Brouwers:

There I was seven days ago. With a story. But without intention.
Why: because a story should not come from a head but from a heart.
Seven days later, on Friday, June 2, on stage with a story only from the heart.
With an intention that made 250 people close their eyes for a moment.
That 250 people have thought for a moment about who they want to inspire.
That one little thought might seem a small step now. But who knows what change it can drive for our future generations.
Thank you Anneke for your support, guidance and in helping to find the intention. For the change you have managed to achieve in the past seven days.
Anneke Brouwer Stemprofessional & Sprekerscoach
René Brouwers – Anneke Brouwer

Comment on LinkedIn:

Beautiful and so it is! Let’s live more from it ❤️ than our heads. Your story was beautiful, personal and you had a clear message! And the fact that you falter for a moment and you 🎤 forget the next sentence for a moment only makes it better. It’s about vulnerable and imperfect that just makes it nice and human😃🌈

Comment on LinkedIn:

With your beautiful personal story you took me from discomfort in a room full of strangers to my own story, my own experience and to wanting to convey that feeling. I enjoyed the day and got inspired!

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Anneke Brouwer Stemprofessional & Sprekerscoach

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