From 5 March on I will have a conversation with a TEDx speaker about their TEDtalk every Friday morning at 8:30 am via clubhouse room:  ‘Find Your Voice Masters in Dutch’. A conversation about content and process.

Join us!

Listen in live, get inspired, ask questions and learn, among other things, everything about how to give a TED talk.

But also:

How did they prepare?
What difficulty did they face?
And how did they deal with that?

What is it like to be on that stage, that red dot ?? What has it brought them?


How did they find their voice?
How do they use their voice in terms of leadership?
What are their strengths and weaknesses? How do they use these on stage?

In short:

An open & inspiring Dutch breakfast conversation about content, process and what it takes to give a TED talk and be on a red ?.

Friday, March 5 at 8:30 am I will kick off with TEDxWassenaar speaker Margot van Brakel about her TEDtalk: “How to Revalue Humanity”.

Would be nice if you join us!
You are cordially invited.

Register, listen in live and ask questions during the breakfast meeting on Friday 5 March 8:30 am with Margôt via Clubhouse Room??

Clubhouse Room: 'Find Your Voice Masters' in Dutch

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