I love it when everything comes together!

The proces of hard work preparing for an important moment
The ‘not knowing’
The pain
The tears
The frustration
The search for a clear and inspiring key-message
The one or more tiny little stories that ties it all together
The 101 drafts to be written and go through, again and again…
The day the final draft is finally there
The memorizing
The rehearsals
The recordings and video tapes
The movements of the body
The cloths and shoes to be worn
The haircut

And so on and so on…

Working with a coachee to a certain point where she / he has to do it all by her/himself gives such a boost of amazing energy!

Thank you Nina Brugman – commercieel directeur Swink for guiding you through this process.
What fun it was!

Anneke Brouwer - Sprekerscoach Anneke Brouwer - Sprekerscoach Anneke Brouwer - Sprekerscoach

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