World Voice Day is a global annual event dedicated to recognizing the boundless limits of the human voice. The mission is to share the excitement of the voice phenomenon with people, scientists, and other funding bodies.

Today on World Voice Day 2022 with its motto “Lift Your Voice”, I want to share with you the important post and work from Amy Edmondson about the importance of reframing our relation between productive and unproductive forms of both #voice and #silence in organizing structure for effective team conversations.

These days we focus too much on speaking up, on thinking we only contribute by lifting our voices in meetings and in conversations.
These days we see silence as withholding, as not being connected, as no productive type of contribution, as something negative, as something not adding value to effective team conversations.

The opposite is true.

We humans cannot Lift our Voices without Silence.
We need silence to be able to process to a deeper level what was just said.
Voice and Silence are two sides of the same coin.
We need them both to create impact.
We need them both for effective team conversations.

No voice without silence.
No impact without silence.
No effective team conversations without silence.

Silence is not about listening in a group.
It is about processing in silence as a group.
It’s about adding processing in its form as silence as a productive type of contribution for effective team conversations.

How to reframe silence as a productive type of contribution to effective team conversations?
Read the post and the article from Amy Edmondson and get inspired!

‘Voice and silence at work can be portrayed as two sides of the same coin: “Voice is silver, silence is golden.” Does this dichotomy offer value in practice?

Reflecting on recent cases in practice, and drawing on research on psychological safety, change and leadership Dr. Tijs Besieux and I wrote an article proposing a new framework on productive and unproductive forms of both voice and silence – as an organizing structure for effective team conversations.

Illustrated with cases from retail, aviation, entertainment, and real estate, the article also offers hands-on tips for managers to lead high-quality conversations.’

Amy C. Edmondson

Reflections: Voice and Silence in Workplace Conversations – Amy C. Edmondson & Tijs Besieux

Happy World Voice Day 2022!

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